opticAccess and Electric Lightwave have joined forces offering increased network redundancy and greater diversity options to your company’s network infrastructure. We are committed to your success by providing dense, unique metro fiber in all major Western U.S. markets.

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Our networks do more than just transmit information. They enable ideas, empower individuals, and get global business done.

We design, build, integrate, and manage high-bandwidth networks that solve connectivity needs in customized and flexible ways. Unlike one-solution fits all carriers, we create unique network infrastructures for specific customer needs.


WAVELENGTHS: The fastest connection available today. Based on next generation Dense Wave Division Multiplexing.
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METRO DARK FIBER: Fully scalable, unrestricted bandwidth, and flexible to meet the growing needs of your business.
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DIM FIBER: Creating a high-capacity, dedicated, low cost alternative to dark fiber with similar salability across long-haul spans.
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